[pdftex] Warning if manyfoot.sty+hyperref.sty+pdflatex

Christian Schlauer Christian.Schlauer at web.de
Sun Jun 1 17:13:37 CEST 2003

Heiko Oberdiek <oberdiek at ruf.uni-freiburg.de> writes:

> I do not know the package manyfoot. Perhaps it helps,
> if you disable the support of footnotes in hyperref with
> option "hyperfootnotes=false".

Thanks a lot, loading hyperref with that option as the last package
before \begin{document} does the trick, and I don't really need

But isn't it inconsistent[1] that a warning message is generated in
pdfLaTeX, but not in LaTeX? I get functioning hyperfootnotes in both
DVI (I use YAP as a previewer) and PDF, and only pdfLaTeX complains.

[1] Please don't feel offended by that---I know nothing about the
internals of hyperref/LaTeX/pdfLaTeX ...

> PS:
> >[... advertisement ...]
> Not a good idea.

I couldn't use my POP3 account yesterday and had to use a web
interface (where they add some lines, I knew that), sorry.

Christian Schlauer

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