[pdftex] number too big -- anyone see this before?

Stephen Peters portnoy at portnoy.org
Sun Jun 1 17:13:37 CEST 2003

In trying to include a JPEG image into a PDFLaTeX document from a
Debian installation (marked as pdftex 14f-released-20000525), and get
the following error:

  Warning: pdflatex: arithmetic: number too big
  Warning: pdflatex: arithmetic: number too big
  <testpic.jpg --32768.0pt, 0.0pt, image 1> [...]

The same files compile without error on a separate pdftex-13d
installation.  Has anyone seen something like this before?  Or know
how to fix it?  I'd think it was corruption in the image file, but it
displays fine in a wide variety of image programs.

The problem files are all in http://www.portnoy.org/~portnoy/bugs/, if
that helps.

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