[pdftex] simple graphics question

Ed L Cashin ecashin at coe.uga.edu
Sun Jun 1 17:13:37 CEST 2003

Steven E. Landsburg <steven at landsburg.com> writes:

> I am writing plain TeX (*not* LaTeX) and want to be able to
> produce both .dvi and .pdf files from the same source.  I
> have no problem doing this as long as there are no graphics
> involved.
> I'm sure there's something very basic that I'm missing here.  Can 
> someone tell me what it is?

When using the plain macropackage and MetaPost figures, I use epsf or
supp-pdf, depending on whether I'm making a dvi or pdf:

                                  % here we test to see whether we're doing
                                  % postscript or pdf:
          \input epsf	
          \input supp-pdf			% mp support for pdftex
          \pdfpageheight=8.5in		% landscape letter pagesize

... and another conditional part later where the graphics are loaded.

I haven't done raster graphics inclusion, but if you aren't using a
fancier macropackage like ConTeXt or LaTeX, then you'll probably need
similar conditional graphics code too.

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