[pdftex] Problem with cite package

Kevin Dezfulian catch22 at fastmail.fm
Tue Jul 29 18:08:45 CEST 2003

On Tue, 29 Jul 2003 18:27:45 +0700, "Eugene Shirykalov" <eugene at darim.ru>
> Here is a short example with cite package which is working correctly
> under LaTeX, but produces wrong output under pdfLaTeX with hyperref.
> Correct output conains citation in the following form: [1-3], but pdf
> output contains [1,2,3]. Is there any way to correct this? I use pdfTeX
> 3.14159-1.10a from MikTeX 2.2 distribution and hyperref v6.72y
> (2002/09/12).
> \documentclass{article}
> \usepackage[pdftex]{hyperref}
> \usepackage{cite}
> \begin{document}
> Three cites for test \cite{ct1,ct2,ct3}.
> \begin{thebibliography}{99}
> \bibitem{ct1} First document
> \bibitem{ct2} Second document
> \bibitem{ct3} Third document
> \end{thebibliography}
> \end{document}

I played with your example file using MikTeX 2.3 . . .

> latex --version
MiKTeX-TeX 2.3.1222 (3.141592) (MiKTeX 2.3)

> pdflatex --version
MiKTeX-pdfTeX 2.3.1222 (1.10b) (MiKTeX 2.3)

cite.sty version 3.9  (Nov 2001)

and cannot reproduce your results.  Naturally, latex won't compile
the file as is because of the [pdftex] option to hyperref.
I played with other permutations and summarize the results below,
including the driver reported by hyperref.

Command       Hyperref         Output
          Option    Driver
latex     [pdftex]  hpdftex    error (wrong option)
          [dvips]   hdvips     [1,2,3] w/out links in yap
                               [1,2,3] w/ links in acrobat
                                         after dvips/distiller
          []        hypertex   [1,2,3] w/ links in yap
pdflatex  [pdftex]  hpdftex    [1,2,3] w/ links in acrobat
          []        hpdftex    [1,2,3] w/ links in acrobat

latex     no hyperref          [1-3] w/out links in yap
pdflatex  no hyperref          [1-3] w/out links in acrobat

I'm not sure if this behavior by hyperref is a bug or a feature.
Either way, the different behavior you observed might be related
to your aux files.  Did you delete all files by foo.tex between
runs of latex/pdflatex to avoid interactions? (I did above).

Perhaps someone else will sort things out given this data?

  Kevin K. Dezfulian
  Cornell University
  catch22 at fastmail.fm

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