[pdftex] Synchronicity

Heiko Oberdiek oberdiek at uni-freiburg.de
Wed Jul 16 13:02:36 CEST 2003

On Wed, Jul 16, 2003 at 12:49:41AM +0200, Gerben Wierda wrote:

> See the problem/feature description below. Is this on the todo list for 
> pdftex?

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> > Forward and inverse search with emacs/xdvi is exactly the same as the
> > 'synchronicity' feature thus described. A click (or
> > typically a Ctrl-click) on the dvi file takes you to the source file, 
> >and
> > vice versa.
> [...]
> > However, to my knowledge, this feature is not available with PDFtex.
> > The special characters would have to put into the PDF file (this
> > must be possible) and the PDF viewer would then have to be able to
> > send an appropriate signal to the editor (surely this is possible
> > too?). But as far as I know, no-one has implemented this on the Mac,
> > or any other platform.

Of course, it is available, look at "vpe":

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  Heiko <oberdiek at uni-freiburg.de>

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