[pdftex] @nd Try, trruoble with hyperref when using unnumbered TOC entries

Lars Heineken Lars.Heineken at gmx.de
Fri Jul 11 01:46:50 CEST 2003

Sebastian Rahtz wrote:

>It _is_ serious. But I am afraid  you must expect such things when one
>attempts to bolt new facilities into a creaking architecture like LaTeX.
>To do the job really properly, LaTeX would have to have very serious
>surgery to its innards, and probably invalidate lots of other packages
>along the way. This is why ConTeXt is better, because a) it is a much
>later design, which happened when things like hyperlinking were already
>known about, and b) it does not have the uncontrolled package mechanism.
>Obvious stuff, I know...
I think I'll stick to Context the next time I'll have to make a report, 
It seems like the logical successor.
BTW, what is the difference betwenn Latex3e and Context ? I mus admit 
I'm a bit confused about all the names..



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