[pdftex] \pdfimage in teTeX (Linux, SuSE)

Robin Fairbairns Robin.Fairbairns at cl.cam.ac.uk
Thu Jan 30 09:35:22 CET 2003

> I used to work with MikTeX under Windows, and I have just moved to Linux.
> I have installed the teTeX packages from the suSE8.1 distribution.
> My old .tex files exhibit a problem when compiled with PDFLATEX under linux. 
> It does not recognize the command \pdfimage.
> I have tried to change the package to support this (graphics, graphicx, etc.), 
> but it does not work.
> How can I use this command now?

read the current pdftex documentation: it's replaced by \pdfximage

personally, i never delve down to that sort of command level: i use
the graphics package instead: that uses drivers that are updated when
pdftex changes.

i suppose you're using plain tex?  there _is_ a version of the
graphics package for plain, but many plain users don't like it because
it makes things too easy for them (or something).


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