[pdftex] PDF/X compliance.

William Adams wadams at atlis.com
Mon Jan 13 09:41:18 CET 2003

I'd said:
 >>I'd be pretty surprised at this.

and Hans replied:
 >actually, i tested this some time ago, and apart from a few extra keys
 >in the catalog pdftex output is quite pdf/x compliant; (if i remember
 >right i only had to add a few things); of course color can be a problem
 >(no problem for the tex part), esp if you include other pdf files.

I'm very (pleasantly!) surprised by this.

has anyone looked into tabulating what keys are missing and providing 
appropriate default values?

John had originally asked:
 >>>3. Does anyone have any experiences to share about submitting pdfetex
 >>>produced files for print? (Thus far I have never had a problem.)

and I replied:
 >>pre-PDF/X, pdfTeX files would fail Enfocus Preflight settings for a
 >>couple of our printers, so we would wash them through PostScript 
and re-Distill.

and Hans asked:
 >Hm, in what way do they fail?

There was a long string of things. I can dig out a .pdf of the test 
report if you want.

 >[i used pdf-x inspector (free tool)] for testing;

Interesting. For those who're curious, this seems to be the link:
Only Mac / Windows versions though, and apparently all done as 
Acrobat plug-ins?

 >i don't care about the few keys missing since they don't mean

IME, our printers aren't so accomodating, pre-flighting is strictly 

 >the biggest thing is probably the few extra boundingboxes
 >(crop and so) and these can b esupported in the current pdftex]


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