[pdftex] PDF/X compliance.

William Adams wadams at atlis.com
Fri Jan 10 14:54:48 CET 2003

John asked:
>1. Is any PDF/X standard necessary for those of us who work in black
>and white?

Yes, if your printer wants it, or your company has a standard (say
ISO-9000 certification) which could be helped by it, maybe.

>2. Does pdfetex produce PDF/X compliant files?

I'd be pretty surprised at this.

>3. Does anyone have any experiences to share about submitting pdfetex
>produced files for print? (Thus far I have never had a problem.)

pre-PDF/X, pdfTeX files would fail Enfocus Preflight settings for a
couple of our printers, so we would wash them through PostScript and re-Distill.


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