[pdftex] Font encoding/conversion help desperately needed

Thierry Bouche thierry.bouche at ujf-grenoble.fr
Mon Jan 6 14:25:10 CET 2003

Le lundi 6 janvier 2003 à 13:25:27, Siep Siep écrivit :

S> The afm-file references glyphs by name. It shouldn't matter which, if
S> any, glyphs get assigned a slot, so the lack of an encoding shouldn't
S> matter.

well, you necessarily need an encoding at some point...

You can use ttf2afm together with some .enc file to get an AFM complying
to this encoding (you can do traditional fontinst by extracting 8r+8x,
e.g.). Try ttf2afm --help ?

S> The best way to handle missing slanted ttfs is to define italics as a
S> substitute in the fd file. I don't know whether or not fontinst will
S> do that for you.

it will if you ask for.

S> Anyhow, artificial slanting is frowned upon by
S> typographers.

yes, they're quite amused when they see that the absence of synthesised
oblique is a reason to reject pdftex....

S> The main problem seems to me the renaming.

If 6 fonts are concerned, renaming isn't a problem! You can even write
all files by hand!

 Thierry Bouche                                      

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