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Martin Kolařík kolarik at mii.cz
Thu Jan 2 13:32:41 CET 2003

Hi all,

I'm using OTF (with Type1 outlines) with pdfeTeX, but, as  I noticed (I read
writet1.c, writettf.c too :-), OTF fonts must be included into PDF entirely.

My question is simple: why? Is it a still-unimplemented feature (and
somedays it will be done) or there is a technical reason for it?

IMHO, it would be possible, as OTF does not differ from TTF or Type1 too
much, and CFF (Type2) storage method is for long pretty supported in PDF

Mine the only reason of subsetting OTF is size of resulting PDF -- if you
are using some text and heading font you get about 5-6 families, what means
for average OTF font (about 600 glyphs) approx. 250 KB of wasted space in
PDF. It is not dramatically big number, but...

Have a nice day and thanks,


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