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tino_schreiber at web.de tino_schreiber at web.de
Mon Feb 24 00:38:42 CET 2003

I use MiKTeX pdfTeX 1.10a.
To open a pdf-file (test.pdf) in a pdf-file (myfile.pdf) I write in myfile.tex:


(test.pdf, myfile.pdf and myfile.tex are in the same folder.)
After the compiling I get myfile.pdf. OK.
In myfile.pdf I open test.pdf. OK.
Now I close test.pdf and myfile.pdf is closed too.
What can I do to get that myfile.pdf is not closed too?
What can I do to get that test.pdf is opened in addition to myfile.pdf?
Tino Schreiber
sorry for my bad English

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