[pdftex] Page numbers in pdf file.

John Culleton john at wexfordpress.com
Sat Feb 22 00:04:24 CET 2003

When I get PDF files prepared by other typesetters, the page numbers
in the little window at the bottom of Acrobat Reader track with the
page numbers on the pages proper. In othe words page VI shows as page
VI and the page numbered 15 shows up that way, even though it may not be
the fifteenth actual page. 

When I create a file in pdfetex the page numbers in the window are
just a count of sheets from the start of the file. The page number on
the current page is not displayed.

Is there a way to convince pdfetex to create a file where the assigned
page number will also show up in the window of Acrobat Reader?
John Culleton
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