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The Thanh Han hanthethanh at fptnet.com.vn
Sat Feb 8 09:51:26 CET 2003


yes it sounds reasonable to make it an option off by default.


On Wed, Feb 05, 2003 at 07:15:35PM +0300, Vladimir Volovich wrote:
> "TTH" == The Thanh Han writes:
>  TTH> I needed it when playing with font expansion, as expanded fonts
>  TTH> have no associated macro name like \tenrm at all.
> hm - but when you write e.g.
>   \font\tenrm=cmr10
>   \pdffontexpand\tenrm 30 20 10 1000
> then pdftex will show this font as /cmr10/ instead of \tenrm and this
> will not add any pdftex-specific info, so i see no need of changing
> standard TeX's behavior.
> also, with \pdffontexpand, the stretch/shrink/step/expand values are
> bound to the font macro, in the above example, to \tenrm, so if we see
> \tenrm we have exactly the same info as when we'll see /cmr10/
> that's why i think that it's better to revert to compatibility with
> TeX.
> maybe it will make sense to add a new integer primitive which will be
> a flag of whether to show the actual values of expansion selected for
> fonts, e.g. if \pdftracefontnames=1, pdftex will show
> "\tenrm(expanded 10) " instead of "\tenrm ".
> but if \pdftracefontnames=0, standard TeX-style font names will be
> shown.
> also, when \pdftracefontnames=1, pdftex may change the way it shows
> the \meaning\tenrm (or the same as \show\tenrm): instead of expanding
> to "select font cmr10", pdftex can add "select font cmr10 stretch 30
> shrink 20 step 10 expand 1000" or something like that.
> Best,
> v.
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