[pdftex] font names in over/underfull box messages

Vladimir Volovich vvv at vsu.ru
Wed Feb 5 18:26:25 CET 2003

"TTH" == The Thanh Han writes:

 >> the question still remains - why such a decision was made?

 TTH> I needed it when playing with font expansion, as expanded fonts
 TTH> have no associated macro name like \tenrm at all. It caused
 TTH> pdftex more incompatible with tex, yes, and I don't mind
 TTH> removing this. Still, I think cmr10 is more meaningful than
 TTH> \tenrm or something similar.

in latex (not pdflatex), fonts are shown in over/underfull messages in
a very convenient form: e.g. \T1/cmr/m/n/12, but with pdflatex the
font names shown as they are make the messages harder to read.

so it would be good to revert this change, if possible: it will make
pdftex more compatible with standard tex. it's always possible to use
\show\tenrm to find out the font name.


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