[pdftex] [OT] latex questions

Vladimir Volovich vvv at vsu.ru
Wed Feb 5 16:54:17 CET 2003

"TTH" == The Thanh Han writes:

 TTH> 1) codes between \begin{example} ... \end{example} are not
 TTH> typeset properly. If I have some vietnamese characters in the
 TTH> examples, they are typeset under the caret notation like
 TTH> ^^be. Using tcx instead of inputenc fixed this problem, however
 TTH> I wonder why I cannot use inputenc.

fancyvrb.sty is not properly interacting with inputenc. i used this
patch to solve the problem:

--- fancyvrb.sty.orig	Mon Apr  2 20:41:53 2001
+++ fancyvrb.sty	Wed Jan 22 15:12:32 2003
@@ -1233,6 +1233,17 @@
     \def\FV at Space{\space}%
     \FV at DefineTabOut
     \def\FV at ProcessLine{\immediate\write\FV at OutFile}%
+    \def\@inpenc at loop##1##2{%
+      \@tempcnta`##1\relax
+      \loop
+        \catcode\@tempcnta12
+      \ifnum\@tempcnta<`##2\relax
+         \advance\@tempcnta\@ne
+      \repeat}%
+    \@inpenc at loop\^^A\^^H%
+    \@inpenc at loop\^^K\^^K%
+    \@inpenc at loop\^^N\^^_%
+    \@inpenc at loop\^^?\^^ff%
     \immediate\openout\FV at OutFile #1\relax
     \let\FV at FontScanPrep\relax
 %% DG/SR modification begin - May. 18, 1998 (to avoid problems with ligatures)

it does not solve the problem in full, but it was sufficient for
e.g. making the russian translation of lshort work.

i can rewrite the patch to be 100% correct, but last time i was
interacting on this issue with the fancyvrb authors, they refused to
make changes to fancyvrb related to handling 8-bit characters.

 TTH> 2) how can I have bookmarks displayed closely to the original
 TTH> text, ie if a character is avail. in PDFDocEncoding then it is
 TTH> written as is, otherwise an accented letter should be replaced
 TTH> by its base letter. For examle, if \~\i is not in PDFDocEncoding
 TTH> then it should be written out as i. hyperref seems to ignore
 TTH> characters that are not in PDFDocEncoding.

i think it will be better to use the option "unicode" of hyperref,
then all characters are supposed to be translated to bookmarks


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