[pdftex] default zoom?

ivo welch ivo.welch at yale.edu
Fri Dec 26 03:22:16 CET 2003

hi guys:  I searched the archives, but strangely could not find the 
solution:  what is the magic incantation to zoom at acrobat reader 
startup to the user's pagewidth?  (I found a reference to pdfcatalog and 
the pdf spec, but not a solution.)  As always, help appreciated.

regards,  /iaw

PS: I do not want to rewarm an unsuitable topic, but if someone else has 
need of extra macros to get the current file's name, write date, write 
time, and prefers not to use RCS/CVS: I wrote a perl after-processing 
script, available at http://welch.som.yale.edu/computers/ that works for 
me.  it also adds \system[command] functionality, which executes an 
external program and inserts its output.

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