[pdftex] \pdfsavepos and friends

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at alumni.TU-Berlin.DE
Wed Dec 24 08:10:58 CET 2003

John Culleton wrote:
> On Friday 05 December 2003 12:41 pm, Marco Loskamp wrote:
>>Dear list,
>>I've recently begun playing around with some of the new
>>primitives that haven't been documented in  the  versions of
>>the  PDFTeX documentation. The syntax-file 
>>(www.tug.org/applications/pdftex/pdftex-syntax.txt) is quite
>>helpful in that respect, except that for some reason I can't
>>make commands using "(h, v, m)" run; <---,
>>                                     \
>>I'm specifically interested in drawing|arrows from within the
>>text to a math display, something like "and here|, you can see
>>that I really need some extra help".   
> If that is what you need to do then use pstricks, and set up 
> pdftex to output dvi code instead of pdf (\pdfoutput=-1).Then 
> you are just two quick commands away from a pdf file, dvips and 
> then ps2pdf.

it is no problem with ps4pdf to use any PostScript related



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