[pdftex] how to print books [OT but related]

franciszek holop fred at pentacom.sk
Sun Dec 21 17:06:39 CET 2003

forgive me my OT question,
but whom should i ask if not people making documents
about the actual printing styles/possibilities?

if you can provide any pointers, i would be really thankful,
but if someone is kind enough to give me guidance, please
reply offlist...

i would like to give as a christmas present a self printed book.
the document is typeset, the pdf is almost ready.

but i am at a loss as how to size it.
what is the proper way of sizing the document for paper printing?

for simplicity, lets assume that i want to print exactly a5paper
sized books.  should i typeset in a4paper and then scale it down?
or use a5paper rightaway?

what about the printing? should be duplex i guess.  can i
landscape an a4paper and put 2 a5papers on it?

is there a way i can bind it myself, or should i take it
to a company?  if yes, do i just hand over the printed
pages, or if cropmarks are present i am the one who crops it?

sorry again and thanks.
forgive your enemies but never forget their names.

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