[pdftex] Re: current filename and current filedate ?

ivo welch ivo.welch at yale.edu
Fri Dec 19 19:55:17 CET 2003

hi chaps:  thanks for the advice.  unfortunately, I do not know RCS, and 
neither do many other latex users.  it would seem that some additional 
latex macros that add this functionality would not break security or 
anything else, and would go a long way towards single-user RCS-like 
functionality in this respect, without requiring it.  The "write-to-file 
and read back" methods are truly ugly.

I have never figured out the appropriate route to suggest TeX feature 
inclusions.  don knuth seems to be mostly out of the picture.  who does 
not appeal to for such minor additions?

regards,  /iaw

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