[pdftex] Re: xpdf markers

Marco Loskamp loskamp at math.wisc.edu
Wed Dec 17 15:10:27 CET 2003

> Message: 4
> From: John Culleton <john at wexfordpress.com>
> Subject: Re: [pdftex] xpdf markers
> I am working within Vim and calling pdftex and a viewer (now 
> xpdf) from a macro.  Since the TeX source doesn't know about 
> page numbers it would be useful to embed a marker at the current 
> spot in the file so that it would open at about the area where I 
> am editing.

Hi, if it's just about entering the document at the same place where
you left it, xpdf is actually nicer than acroread: you can just leave
the xpdf viewer open, press "r" for ('r'eload or so), and the viewer
reloads the same page you're currently viewing (or goes to the last
page of the document if your old position would point beyond the new
last page :)


Dear list maintainers: I understand that this reply is not pdftex-
specific. But little tricks here and there keep working with it nicer ;)
...and it's still interesting to keep pdftex and xpdf compatible,
whichever needs the code change---or to know how [x]pdf markers work.

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