[pdftex] post-pdf operations?

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Dec 7 00:53:49 CET 2003

Hi Reinhard,

    AFAIK, the graphics package has an option to extract a certain page
    from an external document.  

Thanks, I didn't know that.  Extracting pages is easy enough with gs
anyway.  (And with texexec, but texexec offsets the results; I just sent
a bug report about that to ntg-context.)

    Alternatively you could use pdfpages.
    To overlay two pages one could probably use LaTeX's picture

Ah, I didn't know about pdfpages either.  It seems it might be able to
do the overlays too with sufficient options.

For some reason I was only imagining a solution outside of TeX :).

Thanks again,

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