[pdftex] Re: TeX output as Java graphic

Laurent Siebenmann Laurent.Siebenmann at math.u-psud.fr
Sat Dec 6 23:39:16 CET 2003


   The highly interactive tex-like, and (mostly) linux
program GNU TeXmacs 1.0, http://www.texmacs.org by
Joris.VANDERHOEVEN at math.u-psud.fr might be close to
fulfilling your needs as it stands.

 > TeXmacs comporte d'ej`a des interfaces avec plusieurs
 > syst`emes de calcul formel et num'erique : Maxima, Mupad,
 > Pari, Macaulay 2, Reduce, Scilab, Yacas, gTybalt, Qcl et
 > bient^ot Maple, Mathematica et Axiom.

Maybe it will interface with your algebra tutor too?

Laurent S.

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