[pdftex] TeX output as Java graphic

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Sat Dec 6 12:40:18 CET 2003

At 03:33 05/12/2003, Todd O'Bryan wrote:

>How hard would it be to pull out the code from TeX that typesets small 
>snippets of text (the primitives, I guess it would be) so that I could 
>pass a string like "$x^2+y^2=25$" (or its MathML equivalent) and a 
>starting point and have that small image be typeset correctly at that 
>point. Is anyone aware of anybody doing something like this or leaning in 
>that direction?

http://www.pragma-pod.com/ -> mathml processing (couple of years old but it 
still runs; not the latest version of context btw)

In the context distribution is a more advance demo but that's too much off 
topic for this list.

In context (roughly):



% \usetypescript[palatino][texnansi] \setupbodyfont[palatino]
% \usetypescript[palatino][texnansi] \setupbodyfont[times]
% \usetypescript[fourier] [ec]       \setupbodyfont[fourier]

                 <apply> <eq/>
                     <apply> <plus/>
                         <ci> x </ci>
                         <apply> <power/>
                             <apply> <sin/>
                                 <ci> x </ci>
                             <cn> 2 </cn>
                         <ci> y </ci>
                     <ci> y </ci>


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