[pdftex] preflight check

Ben Crowell crowell03 at lightandmatter.com
Wed Aug 20 14:15:10 CEST 2003

Thanks, everybody, for your suggestions! I feel better knowing that I've
gotten a sampling of wisdom on this topic, and am not going blind.
In response to some of the posts:

- The incompatibility with AR 4 and earlier is an AR bug, not a pdftex
  bug. It's been discussed on this list before. It occurs when you embed
  PDF figures, and the figures contain text.
- The PDF is color, but I'm getting it produced in black and white, so
  it isn't necessary to convert RGB to CMYK.
- It's not POD, and they're doing a process where there's never any
  paper output, which means I can't look at proofs. Well, I could, but
  the proofs would be output on a different device, which means it wouldn't
  help as far as checking for a problem that would be specific to a certain
  piece of hardware.
- The broken [] and () is very strange -- I've gotten different results on
  the same printer, without changing the settings in Acrobat at all!!
  Anyhow, I've alerted them to the possible problem.

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