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Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Mon Aug 18 20:06:26 CEST 2003


Not being a latex user myself, i cannot be of much help, so i forward your 
mail to th epdftex list


>Mr Hagen,
>I am writing for you because i have a trouble with the package hyperref.
>I need to create a PDF with hyper links and what happens it this:
>I did the following steps:
>1) put the this code below in the main code.
>   \usepackage [ps2pdf,backref,colorlinks=true, bookmarksopen=true]
>   \hypersetup{
>     pdftitle          = {Controle Híbrido de Swing-Up do Pêndulo
>Invertido Baseado em Funções de Energia},
>     pdfauthor         = {Alexandre Goes da Cruz},
>     pdfsubject        = {Projeto Final -- Departamento de Eletrônica --
>     pdfkeywords       = {Controle Híbrido, Swing-Up, Funções de Energia,
>     bookmarksnumbered = {true}
>     }
>I took care to put no package after the hyperref to avoid redefine the
>2) compile this main code with the unix comand:
>%latex main_code.tex
>to genetate a dvi file.
>3) compile twice to crossreference works well
>4) run this unix comand:
>%makeindex  -s  MakeIndexStyleFile.ist  main_code.idx
>5) compile the main code to LaTeX put the index
>6) run the following comand:
>%dvips main_code.dvi
>7) run the comand:
>%ps2pdf main_code.ps
>The PDF file created has no table of contents, list of figures, list of
>tables, and index. The hyperlinks are right and work well.
>The list in the menu FILE:DOCUMENT INFO:GENERAL in the acroread program
>shows the items right.
>When i comment the hyperref code in the text, the comands
>            \tableofcontents
>            \listoffigures
>            \listoftables
>            \printindex        work well.
>I do not know what to do to solve this problem with the sumary. Do you
>know what is going on?
>Thank You Very Much for your attention
>Alexandre Goes da Cruz
>         Eletric and Eletronic Engeneering Department
>         University of Brasil
>          Rio de Janeiro  -  R.J.
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