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Wilson, Peter R peter.r.wilson at boeing.com
Fri Aug 15 09:52:35 CEST 2003

    My sysadmin and I are trying to get pdftex and friends to compile on an HP workstation (HP UX11.0) with little success. We started with TeXLive 7.0 and after much struggle got most of it compiled but pdftex never appeared.

    I downloaded the latest version of pdftex (1.11a) so we could try that. We are moving forward slowly but solving one problem just exposes another. Currently we have got as far as trying to link pdftexini.o, pdftex0.o, ... only to find that they need files like config.o. Presumably this should be from compiling web2c/pdftexdir/config.c, which does not happen.

    Has anyone managed to compile pdftex/pdfetex for HPUX11.0? If so, would you be willing to either share how you did it, or make a binary available.

    As a separate issue, we are also trying to get xpdf to compile but with just as little success.

Thanks for any suggestions
Peter W.    

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