[pdftex] pdfTeX 1.11a

Martin Schroeder ms at pdftex.org
Mon Aug 4 18:51:40 CEST 2003

The pdfTeX team is happy to announce the release of a new stable version:

                           pdfTeX 1.11a

This is the announcement of pdfTeX 1.11a, an extended version of TeX that
can create PDF directly from TeX source files and enhance the result of TeX
typesetting with the help of PDF.

  Main changes of pdfTeX 1.11a:

- New command \pdftrailer analogue to \pdfcatalog whose argument end up in
  the trailer dictionary.

- The behaviour when an included pdf has a newer version than the one
  specified with \pdfoptionpdfminorversion can be controlled by the new
  internal integer \pdfoptionpdfinclusionerrorlevel: If it's 0, pdfTeX
  gives only a warning; if it's 1, it raises an error. 
    This can also be set in pdftex.cfg with pdf_inclusion_errorlevel

- The syntax for outlines has been extended to allow attributes:
  <outline spec> --> <attr spec> <action spec> [count <number>] <general text>

- The syntax of \pdfobj has been extended:
  \pdfobj <object type spec>                              (h, v, m)
  <object type spec> --> reserveobjnum
                       | [useobjnum <number>] [<attr spec>] [stream [<attr spec>]] <object contents>
  <object contents> --> <file spec>
                      | <general text>
  When the optional keyword `reserveobjnum' and `useobjnum' is not given,
  the behaviour is unchanged. 

- pdfTeX uses xpdf 2.02

- various bugfixes

For complete release notes see http://www.pdftex.org/NEWS

  Change of maintainer

pdfTeX initially has been developed by Han The Thanh (thanh at pdftex.org).
In recent years he sadly has not found enough time to actively maintain it
and so he has passed on the day-to-day maintenance of pdfTeX to Martin
Schröder (ms at pdftex.org) and Hans Hagen (pragma at wxs.nl). Of course he will
still contribute to the developement of pdfTeX and provide fundamental
pdftex extensions and provide guidance in improvements and resolving bugs.

This makes the core pdftex r&d team: htt, ms, hh with a focus on stability,
pdf compliance and stable distributions.
The past, current and future releases contain contributions from other
participants as well. Their names are mentioned in the README file.

  Legal notice / license

pdfTeX is copyright (c) 1996-2003 Han The Thanh, <thanh at pdftex.org>

pdfTeX is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the
terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software
Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later

For a complete README (with a full discussion of the license)
please look at http://www.pdftex.org/README

  The files / installation

You should first try to get a new version of pdfTeX through your
distribution; e.g. the soon to be released TeXLive2003 will contain it.

If you want to compile it yourself or want precompiled binaries, have a
look at http://www.pdftex.org -- there you can find links to the current
TeXlive sources (which already contains pdfTeX 1.11a) and precompiled
binaries for most operating systems. And some useful documentation. 

  Mailing lists / web pages:

  Mailing list:

  Related web pages:

Have fun!

Martin Schröder (ms at pdftex.org) for the pdfTeX team, August 2003
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