[pdftex] embedded movies revisited

Orlando C. Rodríguez orodrig at ualg.pt
Wed Apr 30 09:48:05 CEST 2003


I believed Quicktime movies are not the best option for embedding

animations in a PDF document: normally compilation with pdftex runs O.K.

but when you click on the field to display the movie nothing happens...

in particular, my Acrobat Reader 4.0 (RH7.2) just complains that it has not

the necessary plugin to display the animation...

however I did an experiment using the hyperref package and an animation in avi

format, with a command like this:

\href{run:movie.avi}{text or figure to be linked to the movie...}

compilation was O.K. although the movie was not embedded into the PDF.

When I click on the link my system just calls xanim to display the movie,

which should be available in the same directory as the PDF.

I also tried the PDF in windows and everything was fine with the exception

that windows calls its media player to show the movie.

Best regards from Portugal.

Prof. Orlando Camargo Rodríguez
Área Departamental de Física
FCT - Universidade do Algarve

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