[pdftex] inclusion of ALL standard fonts

Peter Schröder ps at cs.caltech.edu
Tue Apr 22 14:36:04 CEST 2003

This time last year I shared my headache about the fact that pdflatex
does not have an option for inclusion of the 13 standard fonts. The
reason this came up was that some typesetters apparently have
non-standard versions of the standard fonts. Net result was that the
paper I had submitted to Siggraph last year came out in the proceedings
with at times bad shifts between letters. This was traced to not having
the "standard" fonts included. At the time some suggested that I could
mess with mapping files, renaming the standard fonts to something new
and thus fool pdflatex into including them. That may be a workaround for
gurus, but its not a general solution. I for one don't even know enough
about the syntax of those files to figure this out. Anyway, net result
is that this year Siggraph straight out said, papers typeset in pdflatex
will not be accepted unless all standard fonts are included.

Obviously this is very unfortunate and I am hoping that other
conferences and publishers won't go the same route.

What is the chance that some commandline switch (or an honest
configuration option rather than trying to fool pdflatex through
manipulating system files) can be added to pdflatex?


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