[pdftex] subsetting questions

ruu at pacbell.net ruu at pacbell.net
Wed Apr 16 13:12:18 CEST 2003


I read a few dozens posts in the  archive, but couldn't easily find any 
directly on target posts re: the following questions.  I must have missed 
them, as these questions seem pretty basic.  I'm sorry if this material 
has been covered to death already...

1) How can one require pdfTeX to always subset fonts?  Or, does it 
already?  I look at the File|Document Properties|Fonts dialog in Adobe 
Reader 5.1, and it appears sometimes that fonts are subsetted, and 
sometimes that the full font is embedded.  I need to force subsetting to 
comply with license restrictions of the font vendors.

2) Why does pdfTeX sometimes include Computer Modern fonts in 
documents that I prepare using the Times package?  I thought the point 
of the Times package was to substitute Times Roman and Helvetica for 
the Computer Modern sans and sans-serif fonts.  How would I use 
pdfTeX so that CM fonts are not ever embedded into PDFs?  Do I have 
to remove the CM fonts from the PC?  I'm using Miktex on Windows 

3) When I use the Times package, and ask for sans-serif fonts, I get 
Arial embedded, according to Adobe Reader, even though Helvetica is 
listed in the left column as the original font.  Why?

4) To use the many font packages included with Miktek, do I just put 
\usepackage{<package name such as Times>} in the TeX source, or do 
I have to somehow takes additional steps to formally install the fonts?  
Since the font packages (ending in .sty) came with Miktex, should I 
assume the fonts they reference have been preinstalled?  Perhaps this 
is why I am getting Arial instead of Helvetica when asking for sans-serif 
font while using the Times package?

Thanks very much.


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