[pdftex] embedded movies revisited

Ross Moore ross at sunb.ocs.mq.edu.au
Sun Apr 13 18:05:18 CEST 2003

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Hi everyone.

I'm trying to embed a movie within a PDF, and have it play in Acrobat
Reader (or other PDF browser).

A partially successful example (1.5Mb) is at:
(See the left-most image on the 2nd page.)

Here is the TeX coding that I'm using:

   \immediate\pdfobj file {warming.mov}  % inserts the movie as a stream
    \xdef\KleinMovieFile{\the\pdflastobj 0 R}}  % save a reference

   \immediate\pdfobj { << /Type /Filespec
                   /EF << /F \KleinMovieFile>> >>} % create a file object
   \xdef\KleinMovieDict{\the\pdflastobj 0 R}}  % save a reference

 %% macro to create a movie annotation of specified size
  %%  #1 = Title   #2 = filename string or object reference
  %%  #3=width #4=height  #5= 1/2 height (all in points)
  \put(0,#5){\pdfannot width #3pt height #5pt depth #5pt
  {/Subtype /Movie %
   /Title (#1) %
   /Movie << /F #2 >>    %/Poster true >> %
   /A << /ShowControls true  /Mode /Open >>}
  }% end of \pdfannot

 %% specific instance of \PutMovie

Everything works as expected until trying to run the movie;
then Acrobat Reader (v 5.0.5, Mac OS X and earlier) crashes completely.

Can anyone help me determine
 a) what is going wrong; or
 b) an alternative way to achieve what I want.

1.  Is the (pdf-)TeX code OK; that is, creating the correct PDF ?
2.  Is the problem in the Reader ?
3.  Maybe the file-format ( .mov  QuickTime v5.x I think) isn't supported
    by Acrobat Reader v5.x
     (I've tried inserting this movie using Acrobat, but it doesn't like
      the file format; yet the movie runs with QuickTime Player v5.0.2
      but not some earlier versions.)

Thanks in advance for any advice,



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