[pdftex] Problem inserting movie file

Jacques MAROT jacques.marot at wanadoo.fr
Tue Sep 24 00:55:54 CEST 2002

I have made a movie file
that i obtain converting a gif animated
and I want insert it in a pdf with the command :

          /Subtype /Movie
          /Rect [50 50 450 350]
          /Movie <<
             /F (droit.mov)
             /Poster true >>
          /A <</ShowControls  true /Mode /Open>>

I can read and see my mov file with Quicktime,
but when I want see with acrobat, my pdf file that includes
mov file , Acrobat  answers me that it's not a sequence file.

This works very well if I put the avi file
instead of mov file : droit.mov.
Can you explain me why Acrobat does not recognize
my mov file that I obtain with Gif animator, saving it
in mov format : I can read it with quicktime, mediaplayer ...
I prefer the mov file because it has  better  quality than avi file
with smaller size.

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