[pdftex] HYPBMSEC

jitkomut nungu at control.ee.eng.chula.ac.th
Wed Sep 18 12:49:13 CEST 2002

Thanks for everyone for bounding  box topic, yes i've change to use
"epstopdf" command and it works well completely.

now i have new question. i'm using hypbmsec package to generate bookmark
from \section command.

my question is  when i write


i want the section named "test" to be also in table of content but not
counting the number of this section in the document.
the result is that the file.out will bookmark the name of "test" section

the problem is i'd like to change the name of "test" section to be a new one
in bookmark like hypbmsec package can do like

\section[name of toc][name of bookmark]{name of section}

how can we set it to work well like above command when i use \section* ?

Sincerely yours,

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