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Patrick Riley pfr+pdftex at cs.cmu.edu
Sun Nov 24 00:40:26 CET 2002

Nath Rao writes:
 > My trouble is that I am trying to move old notes from
 > 8-10 years ago from producing transparancies that get
 > filled in in places by hand to something I can project
 > from the computer, with  different stages being
 > different pages. Changing to LaTeX at the same time is
 > more than I want to do. [Anyway, I am not sure that
 > PPower can make things pop out in the middle or
 > cycle over a sequence of metapost figures.] And I was
 > already diddling with the output routines.

I am pretty sure that PPower4 can do what you want (I have been using
quite happily for a while). What exactly do you want to happen?

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