[pdftex] [merchandising] The \year=2003 TeX calendar

Martin Schröder martin at oneiros.de
Thu Nov 21 09:35:46 CET 2002

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         The TeX Merchandising Project proudly presents:

  The perfect christmas present for TeXies and not-yet-TeXies:

                   The \year=2003 TeX Calendar

Features 29 pages (ISO A4) with 13 pictures by Duane Bibby (of
which five are not from the books by Don Knuth), two pages per
month (one with a picture, one with the dates), a trilingual
(german/english/french) calendarium with important dates of the
TeX history and TeX conferences in 2003, a short introduction to
TeX and Metafont and a spiral calendar binding.

    Available from Lehmanns Fachbuchhandlung for 12.95 Euro.

Pictures, more information and a link for ordering are available

All profits from the calendar go into the TeX Merchandising Fund
(administered by DANTE), which will be used to provide further
merchandising items and to support TeX projects.

Best regards

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