[pdftex] pdfpageattr and reuse of annotations

Leo Brewin leo.brewin at sci.monash.edu.au
Thu Nov 21 17:38:28 CET 2002

Hi folks,

I've a little problem with annotations. I'd like to use the same 
annotation on more than one page. I do this by first creating the 
annotation on one page and then I use

\pdfpageattr{/Annots [\the\source\space 0 R]}

on each subsequent page (were "source" is the pdf object number for the 
original annotation). (Well, I actualy do a little bit more to force 
pdftex to expand \the\source\space but thats by the side).

If I have other annotations on the page (say from a \href) then pdftex 
generates two separate /Annots in the pdf page object, for example

6 0 obj <<
/Type /Page
/Contents 25 0 R
/Resource 24 0 R
/MediaBox [0 0 612 792]
/Annots [22 0 R]         <--- generated by \pdfpageattr above
/Parent 31 0 R
/Annots [17 0 R]         <--- generated by \href
 >> endobj

Is this valid pdf code? Acrobat Reader 5.0.5 under Linux ignores both
/Annots while Reader 4.0 on Windows reads only the first /Annots.

Is there a way to fix this problem? Am I using \pdfpageattr correctly?

Thanks for any advice,

Leo Brewin
School of Mathematical Sciences
Monash University

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