[pdftex] Set background color

Nath Rao nathrao at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 20 18:08:44 CET 2002

[I thought that this must be in the FAQ or manual, but
couldn't find it there.]
Is there a simple way to set the background color
in pdfTeX (as opposed to pdfLaTeX + pdfscreen etc)?
It seems that the pdf file produced by pdftex has
some instructions to set the background to white
but there seems to be no way to change this at
pdftex level.

The only way to do this seems to be put something like
\vbox to 0pt{\pdfliteral{r1 g1 b1 rg}
\hrule height0pt width\hsize depth\vsize\vss
%restore original color}
with the usual complications to get rid of the white
margins all around.

Thanks in advance.

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