[pdftex] pdfcrypt future

Ulrich Drepper drepper at redhat.com
Wed Nov 13 00:47:08 CET 2002

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I know about the decision to remove the feature and the reasons.  They
are good ones but for my purposes the current pdfcrypt implementation is
fine.  I will continue using it.  In fact, I've extended the
implementation and have added some PDF1.4 support, namely, support for
revision 3 security handlers which allow keys with more bits and the
extra efforts in computing owner and user keys.  I hope to be able to
maintain the patch.  If somebody wants it let me know.  The problem is
that it applies on top of the Red Hat tetex package sources which are,
ehm, in not to good of a shape.  But the sources are usable and so is
the additional patch.

I'll only be willing to give up this solution once there is a free
alternative is available.  Unfortunately there is none I know about and
it'll be a couple more months until I could tackle the problem myself.

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