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Reinhard Kotucha reinhard at kammer.uni-hannover.de
Mon Nov 11 00:28:37 CET 2002

>>>>> "Colin" == Colin Marquardt <colin at marquardt-home.de> writes:

    > Hi, in case this is news: Germany's "Deutsche Bahn" has a test
    > server running pdfTeX that generates customized time tables for
    > their railroad service:
    > http://print2web.hafas.de/bin/help.exe/en?tpl=index (German:
    > http://print2web.hafas.de)

    > Do people know of other exposures of pdfTeX to the broad public
    > like that?

The "Deutsche Telekom", the biggest german telephone company, allows
customers to download their invoices from the web server.

    http://www.telekom.de/rechnung/<customer number>

The pdf files are created on the fly.  This is the output of pdfinfo:

 Title:        Deutsche Telekom Rechnung Online
 Author:       Deutsche Telekom
 Creator:      LaTeX with hyperref package
 Producer:     pdfTeX13.d
 CreationDate: Sun Nov 10 20:52:00 2002
 Tagged:       no
 Pages:        3
 Encrypted:    no
 Page size:    595.273 x 841.887 pts
 File size:    97424 bytes
 Optimized:    no
 PDF version:  1.2


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