[pdftex] Special pdf features.

Michael Chapman mchapman at mchapman.com
Tue Nov 5 06:38:09 CET 2002

Sure these must be a FAQ somewhere, but maybe not, so here goes:

On Monday 04 November 2002 23:54, you wrote:
> It is possible to eliminate the external navigation aids for a pdf file
> when
> viewed in Acrobat Reader. Some of the manuals posted on the Context
> site have these features removed.

try hyperref:

pdfpagemode   FullScreen, gets rid of everything(!)

pdftoolbar	false
pdfwindowui	false
pdfmenubar	false

E.g. experiment with:

\usepackage[pdftoolbar=false, pdfmenubar=false, pdfwindowui=true]{hyperref}

> It is also possible to protect the pdf file from printing and/or
> copying. 

\pdfcrypt{none print} % i.e print allowed
but I seem to recall the syntax changed with a later version. Whatever 
"pdfcrypt" is your search term.

(Check in Acrobat: FILE -- DOCUMENT INFO -- SECURITY to both see what you 
have achieved and what the options are.)

There _are_ easy ways around the relative `protection' ...

"copying" As far as I know no-one (not even DVD manufacturers ;-)>) have 
found a way of stopping the copying of electronic files. (Also if you could 
no-one could download them and/or move from hard disc to RAM or ...) But you 
probably didn't mean that.

Hope these help,

	Michael Chapman

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