[pdftex] pdfximage

Robert Howlett rhowlett at mail.usyd.edu.au
Sun Mar 31 15:41:27 CEST 2002

I presume that the bug relating to including the same pdf image
twice (reported by Ricardo Sanchez last November) is still around,
because if I run pdftex 1.00b-pretest-20020211 (win32 version)
on samplepdf.tex it crashes when attempting to include
pic.pdf the second time. The workaround suggested by Hans Hagen
-- putting \immediate in front of the first \pdfximage{pic.pdf} --

I'm puzzled, though, because pdftex 14h does the job without
a problem. Has a fix been unfixed?

Another thing that puzzles me is this. Having made samplepdf.pdf,
either with pdftex 1.00b and the "\immediate" solution or with
pdftex 14h, if I subsequently open the file in Acrobat 5 and
try to save it (to get an optimized version), Acrobat gives
an error message "The document could not be saved. There was
an error reading this document". Does anyone know what is
troubling the Acrobat here?

Bob Howlett

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