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Quoting "CGvanderLaan at hetnet.nl" <cgl at hetnet.nl>:

> Hello,
> I copied the pdfTeX manual from TUG, read and searched
> the compiled discussion list but could not locate
> my problem.
> >From the samplepd.tex source I copied the use of \pdfannot
> abc
> \pdfannot width 10cm height 0 cm depth 4cm{%
> /Subtype/Text %
> /T (cgl)%from a mailing
> /Open true %
> /Contents (This text is from etc. in pdf\TeX)}
> efg
> \bye

I believe that the above should work, in some sense.
(At least, it did when I tried it just now.) If
it didn't work for you then I suggest that it could
be because your version of pdftex is very very very old.
But note that it is note a good idea to use the control
sequence \Tex in the contents of your annotation because
TeX doesn't do typesetting in annotations.
> pdfTeX 12a in CMacTeX4.1 does not show the annotation
> in the reader. 
> In the editor I could spot the annotation object
> in the .pdf file.
> In th user manual I was puzzled by
> `The annotation is written out only if the corresponding whatsit node is
> searched at shipping time,'

This sentence is just attempting to explain when pdftex writes
the annotation stuff into the pdf file. Basically, it remembers
all annotations until it reaches the end of the page it is
working on. There's no need to worry about \pdflastannot
unless you really need to get hold of the object number of
your annotation for some reason (and I can't see why one would
want to).

> and made me think that I should use
> \pdflastannot in some way? If so, how?
> What do I do wrong?
> \pdfdest \pdfstartlink \pdflink work as expected,
> although I did nothing special with the remark in the manual
> `The hyperlink is written out only if the corresponding
> whatsitnode is searched at the shipping time.'
> Best wishes and thank you
> ---Kees---van der Laan
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Bob Howlett

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