[pdftex] \pdfannot use

CGvanderLaan at hetnet.nl cgl at hetnet.nl
Tue Mar 26 19:09:34 CET 2002


I copied the pdfTeX manual from TUG, read and searched
the compiled discussion list but could not locate
my problem.

>From the samplepd.tex source I copied the use of \pdfannot

\pdfannot width 10cm height 0 cm depth 4cm{%
/Subtype/Text %
/T (cgl)%from a mailing
/Open true %
/Contents (This text is from etc. in pdf\TeX)}

pdfTeX 12a in CMacTeX4.1 does not show the annotation
in the reader. 
In the editor I could spot the annotation object
in the .pdf file.

In th user manual I was puzzled by
`The annotation is written out only if the corresponding whatsit node is
searched at shipping time,'

and made me think that I should use
\pdflastannot in some way? If so, how?
What do I do wrong?

\pdfdest \pdfstartlink \pdflink work as expected,
although I did nothing special with the remark in the manual
`The hyperlink is written out only if the corresponding
whatsitnode is searched at the shipping time.'

Best wishes and thank you
---Kees---van der Laan

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