[pdftex] Re: How to build pdfTeX from sources

G. D. Brettschneider pdftex at GDBrettschneider.de
Thu Mar 14 20:18:12 CET 2002

Andreas Kolb wrote:

>this include-path is probably not standard on your machine, so gcc does
>find errno.h.
>./configure --oldincludedir=/usr/include/bits
>to add this path as include-path.
I've tried this, but it's no better. Reading the log more carefully, I 
saw that also dirent.h, sys/ndir.h, sys/dir.h and ndir.h are not found.

So I thought I should give up that little adventure and follow 
Sebastian's advise to download his brand-new binaries from 
but when I did some mouse-clickin' to download pdfetex, Mozilla told me 
that "?ELFister_frame_info__tii³¸¾hHÇEURvÏKÿ¹<¨|ÇEô<f=" etc., and Opera as well. Might there be something wrong with http 

Internet Explorer brought me a pdfetex.txt which at least is executable 
enough to say that it's stymied. Where did you hide the pool file? One 
is not allowed to search everywhere.

My problem is that I'm working on a new macro package which sometimes 
locks up pdfetex14h for a strange reason that I can't find out, and 
yesterday I discovered that 13d did not have this problem; so it's 
probably not a fault of mine, though TeXnicians are trained to think so.

Thank you,


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