[pdftex] Incompatibility between pdfcolmk and multicol

Hans Ehrbar ehrbar at econ.utah.edu
Mon Mar 11 11:36:18 CET 2002

I encountered the following behavior (which seemed
surprising to me) with the small latex file at the end of
this message here: If I run pdflatex version
3.14159-1.00a-pretest-20011114-ojmw (Web2C 7.3.7) from
Debian Woody on this file, I get the error message
``Illegal parameter number in definition of \pec at botcolor.''
If I uncomment the \usepackage[american]{babel} line, the
error message becomes: ``TeX capacity exceeded.''  If I
use the document class ``article'' instead of ``book,'' or
if I omit the section heading, or if I use pdfelatex, the
error disappears.

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%%%%%%%%%%%%%% beginning of latex file %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%











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