[pdftex] Margin kerning changes

Gerben Wierda sherlock at rna.nl
Fri Mar 8 23:46:00 CET 2002

On Monday, March 4, 2002, at 10:56 , Reinhard Kotucha wrote:

>>>>>> "flip" == flip phillips <flip at skidmore.edu> writes:
>> so, i'm a little bit confused here. on mac os x i just updated
>> to the latest teTeX distribution (the 'texlive' distribution). i
>> know that there were some changes to protcode / margin kerning
>> recently, but now, old documents that used to typeset just fine
>> w/ margin kerning seem to completely overshoot the right margin.
>> do i have some sort of protcode / pdftex version synchronizing
>> problem here?
> Does texlive now provide pdfTeX-1.0?
> Then please look into protcode.tex.  There you'll find sth. like
>     \ifnum\pdftexversion > 13
>         \ifnum \expandafter`\pdftexrevision > `g
> It obvously checks whether your version is newer than 0.14g but if you
> use 1.0, it still checks whether \pdfrevision is newer than g, which
> fails.
> The end of the definition of \setprotcode should look like:
>     \lpcode#1`\x=50
>     \lpcode#1`\y=50
>     \ifnum\pdftexversion > 13
>         \ifnum \expandafter`\pdftexrevision > `g
>             \adjustprotcode#1
>     \fi \fi
>     \ifnum\pdftexversion > 99
>             \adjustprotcode#1
>     \fi
> }

Flip mentioned that his problem has been solved, but rom the above I 
notice that the protcode.tex that I ship (flip is using my distribution, 
I think) is not what you have. I edited mine a while back and it says:

     \ifnum\pdftexversion > 14
     \else\ifnum\pdftexversion > 13
         \ifnum \expandafter`\pdftexrevision > `g

Which is a bit cleaner in that it  only checks for revision g if version 
is 14. It does not need the extra > 99 test o repair the error made 3 
lines above that > 99 test..

But obviously the file has changed more beyond that. Where do I find the 
latest official version?


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