[pdftex] textcolor, lineno and pdfTeX

Guenter Resch guenterresch at utanet.at
Thu Jun 13 19:51:17 CEST 2002

> So to use \color along with {lineno}, you will need to restrict your uses
> of \textcolor to within single lines only.

OK ... even if I understood only help of what you said, this sounds like
bad news. Is there a possibility for a new LaTeX command that repeats
the \textcolor command, let's say on each letter? That would be a nasty
workaround, but the document is a draft only ...

> Maybe there is an alternative package that does work better with pdfTeX ?

The only alternative *I* know is numline, which comes with the following

| LaTeX style file for putting line numbers on margins of at least some
| documents which will survive such treatment.  It works modifying LaTeX
| output routine, so do not expect that this will work on anything but
| simple text!  If it does then you are very lucky person.

And I need to say ... they are absolutely right :( numline successfully
messed up all documents I tried it on so far (I'm using the document
classes from the KOMA script package).

Maybe there is an alternative for highlighting text other than

Thanks for your help,


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