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> AFAIK  Gimp cannot do cmyk )

>AFAIK jpeg too ;-)


Gimp will decompose images into CMYK layers  but you will get better results 
in PhotoShop. The Gimp manual recommends creating a final in RGB via Gimp,
saving it, and converting to CMYK using another tool such as PhotoShop.
Gimp cannot manipulate images in CMYK; internally it works only on RGB

Gimp will of course do JPEG. That is very common. Overall Gimp will read
and/or write about 30 different file formats. I usually scan in PNG and save 
in either PNG or JPEG (not all browsers will handle PNG, a patent-free 
replacement for GIF.) For printing I go with EPS. 

If one uses screen capture one is stuck with montor resolution. I suppose
it is possible to blow up an image on the monitor and capture that, but if the
original has insufficient resolution then you have to settle for either a 
small picture or a grainy one. 

In Gimp as in most tools the resolution is in inverse proportion to the change 
in size.  If you blow it up the resolution number gets smaller, if you shrink 
it the resolution goes up. You can adjust resolution separately but then you 
either lose pixels or end up with interpolated pixels.

If you don't use Gimp at least read the manual. It is huge and very 



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