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cris g gcris80 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 5 09:01:07 CEST 2002


thank you that you answered so quick. I know that I
was too subjective. Sorry ... ;)

I know too little things about images. The things are
like this: I made a screen capture, I saved it as
img1.jpg. Microsoft Editor (ME) says that it has 513
pixels width and 230px height. But ME says also that
my image has 300px / inch resolution. This means 1.71
in width, 0.77 in height. I don't know why then ME
shows me, for 100% view, this picture bigger. I
thought that pdflatex will make my image also so big,
but pdflatex makes my image like img2.jpg (1.71in x
0.77in), than pdflatex works fine, right ? When I
tried to give a bigger size to this image, normally
that pdflatex made my image a bigger and of course the
image losts some quality. How can I make my image
bigger but not to lost the quality. I make a new
capture with a smaller resolution ?

Another problem. Do you know a free visual tool to do
latex pictures (if I make a circle to generate the
latex code for this) ?

Thanks in advance,


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